1. Boy Be A Man (A Song 4 Sae)
    The PhoenixSun

  2. THE REDSUN DIARIES: Book V: D.N.H. aka Seegramz
    D.at N.ucca H.im

  3. Mother Earth (skit: Benefit of Time) [single]
    Headstrong feat: The PhoenixSun Foundation

  4. James Evans (Black King) [single]

  5. Whudd'itsGon'B? [single]
    The PhoenixSun

  6. EMOTEshunz (Coming Soon)
    The PhoenixSun

  7. ...Somebody Gotta Say it (Coming Soon)

  8. RivenjOvDaJedize [single]
    SPADEone aka REDD*OMEGGa feat: Hektic

  9. L.U.S.T.
    The PhoenixSun

  10. Earth X
    Children Of The Atom

  11. HER (Coming Soon)
    SPADEone aka REDD*OMEGGa

  12. The R (Coming Soon)
    The RedRum Republik

  13. Meg 101: The Refresher Course
    The Deceptz

  14. ManChild In A Promised Land (Coming Soon)
    SPADEone aka REDD*OMEGGa

  15. Heat, Hit's & Harmony: The Triple H Theory [Mixtape]

  16. Banana Sushi (unmastered version)

  17. KNOTS Goes Bananas
    K.N.O.T.S. Landing

  18. "Rollin' " b/w "U 'Aint Welkum Here" [maxi-single]
    The Deceptz

  19. J Dilla vs J Dillard: The Recipe
    SPADEone aka REDD*OMEGGa

  20. The Trillion Dollar Bail Out [mixtape]

  21. "Get It Poppin' ' b/w "Money 2 tha Side" [single]

  22. DJ Hugmines Presents: Cuz I Felt Like It [mixtape]
    SPADEone aka REDD*OMEGGa

  23. Purple Reign: The Mixtape
    The Deceptz

  24. "Mynd Blowa" b/w "Muevlo" [maxi-single]
    The RedRum Republik / The Boondock Saints

  25. "Battery" b/w "Durty Bklyn" [maxi-single]
    The RedRum Republik / The Bash Bruvahz

  26. We Have Come 4 The Kingdom
    The RedRum Republik

  27. DJ Hugmines Presents: Cuz We Felt Like It [mixtape]
    The RedRum Republik

  28. RedRum: ThaFlipSideOvReality (The Children Cometh)
    The RedRum


OthaWurld Muzik Brooklyn, New York

Sound conveys emotion.
From the thump of a bass or kick drum to the fluidity of flutes and melodies, music is an amalgamation of human sensations.
A panoramic view of auditory movements.
Sound enhances visual art and transforms it into
harmonic landscapes.

Welkum to OthaWurld...
..........................Where the next level is not enough
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