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ManChild In A Promised Land (Coming Soon)



What were you Born to do?
What were you expected to be?
What did they promise you?

When did you realize.... they were blowing smoke up your ass?


released October 23, 2014

1. Ameerka/ The Promised Land
produced by

2. The Question
produced by Tureek

3. #iWannaRock
produced by

4. StyleWarzAgainstGarbage [SWAG]
produced by Paul Cabbin

5. MissionStatement
produced by Egor the Great

6. Look@DemJointz
starring K.N.O.T.S.Landing & HeadStrong
produced by

7. The Bounce [Get Down]
produced by Apostle14

8. Hawthorne Massive/InaDeGhetto
produced by Apostle14

9. If I...
produced by Chysty Productionz

10. Epilogue: Mind Invasion
produced by



OthaWurld Muzik Group Brooklyn, New York

Sound conveys emotion.
From the thump of a bass or kick drum to the fluidity of flutes and melodies, music is an amalgamation of human sensations.
A panoramic view of auditory movements.
Sound enhances visual art and transforms it into
harmonic landscapes.

Welkum to OthaWurld...
..........................Where the next level is not enough
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